To Frame a Miniature

Before I forget… Happy Father’s Day to all you dad’s out there!

Now, back to business – There are two ways I frame my miniature paintings. My favorite is to set them in a three- or four inch wide museum style wood frame. But if I exhibit with a miniature organization, the frame needs to be in the spirit of miniature as well, meaning it must be one inch or less wide, and up to an inch deep, and the total width can only be seven or eight inches. Unfortunately Little photo frames are taboo; they have to be what is considered fine art frames, with d-rings and sealed paper backing. It’s not easy to find narrow framing in tiny sizes!

Up till now, I was able to get custom made frames from an online framing supply site, until they decided it was no longer safe to make frames smaller than 5″ wide or long. Then I came across a terrific site that offers a plethora of styles and finishes and sizes from teeny tiny – for dollhouses –  to a giant 8 inches! If you paint miniatures, or have a dollhouse to decorate, visit

This is the one I chose to reframe my Luna Park paintings for the next MASF exhibit, which takes place in January, at the Leeper-Ratner Museum of Art in Tarpin Springs, Florida. The photo is deceiving! It looks like a big chunky frame but the frame in the photo is only two inches. I’m hoping my work gets accepted… at the very least, they will be framed properly for exhibiting. Wish me luck!

By the way, the MASF exhibit is amazing! Here is a short video I took of the opening reception in 2008, when I won a First Place. People were literally lined up around the building waiting to get in, and when they opened the doors, the crowd flooded through, streaming into the gallery to find and purchase their favorite pieces. All I could say was “WOW!” The video is a hoot (set to music “The Battle of Epping Forest” by Genesis.)

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