There’s a New Moon Rising

New Digs

Welcome to my new improved refashioned and refined website. I have reached out to the four corners of my net world, and pulled all of my sites into, the hub to every aspect of my art and writing.

The new blog will be a gathering place for those curious about drawing, painting, writing, illustrating and self-publishing. Not a class. Not a lecture. But I’ll share all kinds of little gems of knowledge. My promise to you is this: if I can’t think of anything truly interesting, I won’t post at all. Also, I’ll limit it to no more than once a week. So, subscribe! And spread the word to friends if you like what you see.

(If you are subscribed to the Hecock Graphic Novel blog, this blog will replace it. If you want to be removed from the subscriber’s list, although I can’t imagine why you would,  you’ll find that option in the email from the next post.)

Thanks, and God bless.

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