The Making of “Anna and the Prince” Painting

There are not many photographs available of the entrance to Luna Park, Pittsburgh. Due to my project being an exhibit in the Heinz History Center, I figured it better be historically accurate. But all three of the photos I found were from the same exact angle… from the right side of the corner. Now was the time for some creative “tinkering”.

Here is the original photo:

Using Photoshop, I flipped the photo horizontally, which put all the signage backward! With what lettering skills I have, I printed the park name with proper perspective as you would see it from the left side of the corner. All the building perspective was still correct since the whole photo was flipped. And I was going to paint the scene at dusk, with lights, so the lighting and shadows didn’t matter.

Here is the preliminary drawing. You’ll notice a rectangle left blank in the lower right. The plan was to mount the Incubator Painting on top of this one, but I found that so much wonderful detail would be hidden. So after I got started painting, I decided to keep them separate.

I transferred the drawing onto the prepared copper, and, well, watch the slide show and see the magic!

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  1. Nice images! Good to see the process. Great work – you really enhanced the original photograph – it came to life, with your creative license and historical accuracy. There is really no comparison!

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