One Second, One Hour, One Day

I’m learning a lot in this little comics class. I only have one more session to go. This weeks assignment was to create three pages that show a different passage of time over a total of six panels. In the first page I decompressed time, so that it takes six panels to illustrate what happens in one second. The second page is what happens within an hour. The third page is compressed so that an entire day (or in my case 12 hours) takes place within the six panels.

As you know, it doesn’t take more than a second for a hummingbird to fly in, take a drink and fly away.

One Moment

One hour was a little tricky because the rules are that you can not use a clock in your image. So I used the position of the sun and the color of the sky. I could have used sixteen panels to show what a hummer can do in an hour, but you can fill in the blanks with your imagination! The point is that it successfully tells us that it takes place in about 60 minutes, the time it takes the sun to peak over the horizon in the morning.

One Hour

An entire day… well, I suppose we could fill a book with all the activities of a hummingbird, but we want to compress time into six panels. The bird spent a lot of time sleeping in this comic page to speed us forward. Also, interestingly, I found myself putting more into the images as I went along. I hope you enjoy them!

One Day

If you would like to learn more about comics, there a several courses at And you can audit them for free!

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  1. I love these!
    This class looks like a lot of fun. I may consider auditing one sometime soon.
    and I think your hummingbird is so cute.

  2. This is wonderful! I love the hummingbird. I think you’ve found a neat topic for this. I love that it’s so painterly! And the concepts are also interesting. Bravo!

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