Once Upon A Time, Half A Century Ago

Once upon a time there was a girl who had a horse. She had a horse because her wise father asked her one day, “Leda, would you prefer to go to college (for which you don’t have the grades!) or would you rather have a horse?” Well, it was no contest! She took the horse happily, though deep in her heart she wanted to attend art school. Several decades passed, during which time she got married, had a few kids, gave up the horse, went to Pittsburgh Beauty Academy graduating at the top of her class. Although working with hair was creative, she still did some small painting projects, made greeting cards and crafts, but basically got away from any serious art. Then one fateful day, she and her husband ran into a fine young man that had been in her art class in high school. His name was Tom. He was shocked that she was not an artist! Which got Leda thinking… hmm, maybe I should start painting again! But where do I even begin? I’ve been so out of it for so long, I just don’t know if I can do it. Tom gave her his phone number and said, Call me if you want to know anything. (Tom had gone to art school, so he had a brain she could pick!) Leda called him eventually, and got all kinds of good solid advice that put her on the right path. You see, she was one of those anxious people that wants to skip all the basics and dive right into the cool stuff, like special effects and unique techniques! He talked her down, and convinced her to take a little class on the fundamentals of watercolor. (He was really a genius! It was just what she needed to get the confidence to go places with her art!) Years later, there she was… winning award after award, with local art groups and international alike. Leda wanted so badly to tell Tom how well she was doing and thank him. But when she tried to find him, his phone number was disconnected and there was only one place she found him online… it said he resided in the Allegheny Cemetery! Heart-broken, she gave up the search. She couldn’t believe he had passed away. But God works in mysterious ways… only a few years ago, he popped up on FaceBook! All she could do was scream, “YOU’RE ALIVE! OH MY GOSH!”, to which she received many questioning looks and raised eyebrows. There is no moral to this story, nor is there really any point. But I’m on cloud nine today because Tom and his wife Beth came to the Heinz History Center to celebrate with me and friends, and see my paintings in the Art of Facts exhibit. Maybe I do have a point to make… you just never know where a few little words may take someone. Thank you, Tom!

Photo Gallery

Shots of a few attendees to our personal group tour of Art of Facts, at the Heinz History Center, November 19, 2017. After we all enjoyed the artwork and the other  exhibits, a small entourage walked down to Roland’s Seafood Grill for some good food and great conversation! I added a few photos from the official PSI awards ceremony as well.

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  1. Hello.

    Great appealing talent and little child has Cousin Donald Hecock’s eyes.
    Have you finished the Hecock Saga, then?
    Looking forward to the finish!.

    Evelyn Koch

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