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Our books are designed and created using Adobe CS6 Photoshop and InDesign, then printed through Lightning Source at Ingram Books. All titles are available by Print on Demand at and most online book stores. Books can also be ordered through any physical book store. Better yet, your books will be signed by the author when you buy them right here at the shop!

Fine art reproductions of Leda’s paintings come in various sizes, printed on paper or canvas. To see what is available, please visit the shop.

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Published Books

Join Kana in the foothills of a Hawaiian volcano as she investigates the disappearance of her lucky koi fish and learns the meaning of friendship.

This is a level 2 early reader mystery.

Author/Illustrator Noni Gross
ISBN: 983296409
MRP $16.95

This is the first in a series of historical fiction steampunk graphic novels set in the year 1912, on the Niagara Falls Ice Bridge.
The series celebrates the courage of Burrell Hecock, an ordinary seventeen-year-old who is faced with an extraordinary  decision of saving his own life or the lives of others when the ice bridge breaks free from the shores beneath the Falls.

Author/Illustrator LGMiller
Forward by Jeannine McDevitt
isbn: 983296430
MRP $9.99

When baby bunny Thistlefloss’ home is destroyed, he flees for his life, but to his delight, soon finds himself in a winsome faerie garden. Forgetting his troubles, the bunny is compelled to find the faerie – an adventure he longs to share with Lady Rabbit and his sister Fern. The story and charming illustrations evolved from the author’s photos and observations of a real bunny who appeared in her garden and lived among the tiny statuary for more than a month.

Author/Illustrator Noni Gross
ISBN: 978-0983296461
MRP $7.00

This is the second in the historical fiction steampunk graphic novel series. It takes place in Cleveland, Ohio and reveals the people in Burrell Hecock’s life, whose influence helped him make the decision that changed the lives of many.

Author/Illustrator LGMiller
Forward by Marty Miller Leveillee
isbn: 983296447
MRP $9.99

New Books on the Horizon

Hecock, More That Meets the Eye

The final installment in the Hecock series will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. There are heroes of all sorts and sizes in this epic tragedy, along with good times, laughs and loves. In the end, you’ll experience the real life story of the infamous Ice Bridge of 1912.

I Had A Pony

“I” is for Isaiah! And he had a pony. Follow Isaiah’s journal of adventures as he grows… a little too much! What do you do when you outgrow something you really love?