I See Faces Everywhere

Here’s a great activity to do with your child to promote imagination and have some laughs together. With your child, look at something with texture or pattern (examples follow.) The human brain is programmed to “find” other humans, and recognizes faces even when they are not people! See if you can find faces hidden within the patterns, textures, and objects around your home. Then try to draw the face you see. (To make this easier, you can take a close up photo of the object, print out two copies, and trace your face right on the image with a Sharpie.)

I found this old guy in some tree bark:


And this friendly ghost was just smiling at me from my cinnamon bun! Or maybe he was trying to scare me? Either way, once you start finding faces, you’ll see them in your peanut butter, in the swirls of yarn in your carpeting, in the shadows on fresh fallen snow. Idea: keep a Faces Journal. If you are an aspiring cartoonist, it’s a great way to develop new characters.


So, before you eat that bowl of spaghetti, find out who’s hiding in the noodles!

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  1. What a great idea! I can see doing this in a waiting room with a child( or even an adult) I just had not thought of doing that before. Love your imagination!

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  2. Leda,
    You always trigger interest and ideas. Sadly when my husband had 2 fatal illnesses we were everywhere looking for help. And in so many waiting areas be the floor tile or tufted rug I saw men’s faces only. Young, old. Always so distinctive and always extremely different. Nothing but faces. Always men. Wondered many things. It was as if they were or had gone through agony and were trying to connect.

    I now no longer see them.

    Wish had thought of drawing them. You ar so creative! Much variety.

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