Am I Nuts?

Don’t answer that! I question my own sanity because life is already chock full of projects, responsibilities, and spending quality time with grandkids. So, what do I do? Sign up for a 5 session online course: Comics- Art in Relationship at I couldn’t pass it up… it’s free! But had to sign up now or never. Here is my first assignment which was to introduce one fact about myself to the rest of the class, in comic form.

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My plan is to utilize my early mornings and stolen minutes in the evening to work on the class assignments, and to keep painting and working on Hecock, the third book, at peak creative hours in the day. As for cleaning… HUH?? What’s that??

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  1. I agree with Kim that you have an wonderful sense of humor and your comics are great!

    But, yes…of course you are nuts!!! …That’s what we like about you!

    You need to do something for you, and a comic course is just the ticket. Something fun, and interesting …and something that you can share with your adoring fans, like me!

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

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  2. Love your response to your first assignment!
    Your story and especially the paintings flowing into the graphic novel.
    Keep on keeping’ on and enjoy the trip!

  3. Leda, I admired and respected you when we met and those feelings have only grown. You know I spent so many years of my life thinking art and writing were extravagances and I needed to be a “responsible adult”; work at something that would benefit my family, financially. All the so-called responsible occupations didn’t truly pay much, especially when you take childcare into consideration.

    To both the young and the old, I say, if you have artistic longings inside, they won’t go away. That is why I took a gamble in 2015, after meeting Leda and being encouraged by her, to get back to my art. That same year I wrote and self-published a book that has, so far, received only positive reviews. It has been purchased by teachers, parents, school supervisors, clergy, and therapists. A dollar each goes to two organizations that care for the needs of children. I cannot find time to work as much as I’d like because I have to keep a day job at this point, but I won’t give up for the rest of my days because art and writing are part of who I am; I’m through denying it.

    Boy, do I understand that remark about cleaning! When I clean, I don’t write or paint and vice versa; not enough hours in the day. You do what must be done and promise to get to the rest when you can. The spiders love me, as it is, at times, months before I notice their webs. I salute you, Leda. I hope we meet again in person. With love, Melba

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      It’s so gratifying to know I helped you, but I think you would have found your way back to art regardless. You really give me too much credit!

      1. I joined a writer’s association soon after I met you and I do credit them with helping to spur me on as well, but they are what I consider an accountability group; your encouragement lit the fire under me, helping me believe I could do it, and they help me continue. I will look forward to more posts by you on your course. All the very best to you, Leda.

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