A Creative’s Caveat

*I have to laugh… I hope I used the word “caveat” properly.

If you have an artist friend, you’ve most likely scratched your head wondering why they are always starting new projects before they finish the old ones. It’s not that we don’t want to finish, but everything around us seems to stimulate new ideas that we just have to turn into art. Being of the utmost importance, we have to get started NOW or we will lose the connection, and the passion for the subject may fade. In my case, an enticing exhibit opportunity presented itself, which triggered an inspiration, and I couldn’t resist. Getting my work in a nationally known museum doesn’t happen every day.

I guess I’m writing this post because I’m scratching my own head! With so much to do, why, oh, why??

Well… the Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators were invited to exhibit at the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh, to open in June of 2017. It’s called Art of Facts… composed of illustrations of little known facts about Pittsburgh and the region. My entry is two miniatures of Luna Park, 1905-1909, which was in the heart of Oakland! I’m not going to tell you all the fascinating and weird facts that I dug up about this gem of a park, but you are getting a sneak a peek of the first painting. I just finished it today! Details about the piece can be found below. More info about the opening will be forthcoming — it’s going to be a doozy! You won’t want to miss it this summer.

(Update: I have to correct the names of the streets printed on the curbs in front of the Luna Park entrance. I thought it was on the corner of N. Craig Street and Centre. But is was at N. Craig Street and what is now Baum Blvd. Then it was Atlantic.)

I hope you all got my FaLlaLlaLlaLlama card in your email! Merry Christmas Everyone!


About the Lion on the Loose:

Remember, this is a miniature, only 5″ square. Oil on Copper. The amusement park, founded by Fred Ingersoll back in 1905, was situated in the heart of Oakland, in Pittsburgh PA. It closed after only a few years for a number of reasons, but it didn’t help matters when one of their lions escaped the menagerie, and mauled a poor woman to death! So, right now you’re thinking, “Geez, how gruesome. Why paint that??”

For one, I’ll bet most of you didn’t know there even was an amusement park in the middle of Pittsburgh! It’s one of those little known facts about our city. But I’m not all about the macabre. The second painting is about something wonderful and pro-life that was a regular exhibit at Luna Park. In fact, all forty four of Ingersoll’s Luna Parks featured one.  So you see, when it came to life… Luna giveth and Luna taketh away. Wa-La! You now have my theme! When the second painting is done, you’ll be the first to see it. I look forward to seeing you at the opening at the Heinz History Center so that you can see my tiny works in person. Magnifying glass will be provided!

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  1. Oh Leda! This is incredible. I love that you don’t “just paint.” That everything you do is emboldened by substance of either the subject or the creator. I really do understand the need to respond to the present. History isn’t going to change if you take a side road to Pittsburg(h) on the way to Niagara Falls. And who says where the “end” exists in any project. Maybe the project is the journey. Love you in so many ways!

  2. Leda, This is really spectacular! You have infused it with magic, mystery and color. Beautiful work, and so tiny – amazing!

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