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Life is a subway station…

… as is LGMiller.com.  All aspects of my work are accessible from here. Take the A Train to my fine art and illustration. Hop on the M Train to find out what’s new on my publishing front and upcoming releases. Catch the H Train to visit the Hecock Graphic Novel Blog. For the inquisitive, peruse the archives to learn the process of creating a graphic novel. Then there is the Noni Train that takes you to fun activities and printables. Next stop? It’s all up to you.

Meet Leda

Painting and writing are my way of communicating that which stirs my passions. A good dog, sun-dappled forests, young rabbits, the wonder of new life. May my work resonate with you, as you share and enjoy.

My Latest Project

At only three quarter inch in diameter, this is by far the smallest portrait I’ve ever painted. You can read all about the making of this miniature portrait of “Chloe” in my next blog post… so, SUBSCRIBE!